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About us

Seven Continents Art was founded by an Interior Designer Janice McCabe and her husband Richard Cellamare. Janice has always had a love for travel and arts. She started out as a Fine Arts major and finished her education in Interior Design. Her Interior Design firm Janice McCabe Interior Design Build has been located in Los Gatos California since 1986. Traveling the world she gathers art and accessories along the way for her clients. As an Interior Designer and Artist she recognizes the importance of artwork in the home.  Using Art often as the inspiration for the color scheme of a room.  Building a room up from a couple of major pieces will start to tell a story of the people who live in the home.

 "I think art and color are the important keys to a room or home. They begin to tell the story about the people that live there. The home should reflect the life style and personalities with the ability to evolve as life does." Janice McCabe says.

She was joined by her husband Rich Cellamare in 2002. An Environmental Engineer by profession. His father was an artist so he was surrounded by art from birth. He developed a keen eye for art and photography.  The natural progression was their company Seven Continents Art. They share their images of the world from their travels together.  Janice and Rich enjoy the photography and art pieces that reflect those vivid images and special memories from around the world. There are collected and original images on their website to share with you.

Please enjoy the collection and order something you love.  Whether you have been there too, or would like to visit. There are may inspirational pieces of an exact spot or some that could be any place.

Please enjoy  
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