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Travels to South America and Antarctica

Our Travels to South America and Antarctica was a fabulous trip.   We would like let all our friends know that we will soon have some new additions to our art collections at Meanwhile a not to miss destinations Iguazzu Falls.

We stayed on the Argentina side at the Sheraton and walked into the National Park everyday we were there. We did most of the trails and the train to the top.  We were stunned at every turn at the beautiful scenery.  The diversity of the falls in each area was amazing. The wild life was abundant.  Watch out for the Coates they are cute little animals that are part of the raccoon family.  They are fun to watch but aggressive when it comes to food.  Watch your little ones while you are sitting out at the refreshment areas having lunch.  The park has been redone and the trails are now very well organized.  We were there in January so still the Argentine winter break for schools.  It was busy but not uncomfortable crowds.  It was actually very fun interacting with the locals with my limited Spanish and there amazing English. 

I hope everyone can visit the Destination some day.  It is a marvel of natural beauty!

Janice McCabe